Hourly Snow Employees — By the Numbers

State of the Snow Labor Market - State of the Snow Labor Market

November 4, 2021

© Irina Sokolovskaya | Adobe Stock

While the largest percentage of research participants (37%) indicated they dedicate 15 or more employees to seasonal snow and ice management work, more than three quarters (78%) were still seeking to meet their winter staffing needs. And the majority of snow professionals (53%) were either unsure or not confident at all that they’d meet those staffing needs by Winter 2021-22’s first billable event.

Using $500,000 as a winter revenue benchmark, the data indicates — logically — that those billing the most for winter plowing and salting services also dedicated the most people, with 82% of contractors in that group employing 15 or more people for snow and ice management. This same group has more of a pressing need for workers, with the majority of respondents billing more than $500,000 in winter revenue (48%) still requiring 11 or more winter workers.

One interesting trend noted was that those contractors billing less than $500,000 in winter snow and ice services had the highest percentage among respondents of those who didn’t need to hire anyone (32%), as well as the highest level of confidence (53%) among those still hiring that they will meet their labor requirements by their first billable event.