Paver design trends in 2018

Paver design trends in 2018

New materials and design trends are changing what’s expected for outdoor spaces.

April 2, 2018

Gone are the days of symmetrical, matchy-matchy patterns and colors when it comes to paver and stone hardscape projects. Clients across the country are now looking to create more unique extensions of their homes with large slabs, natural colors and clean finishes.

“The biggest changes that I've seen over the years have been in the diversification of the jobs,” says Joe Monello, owner and COO of Monello Landscape Industries in New Jersey. “I love that we are getting away from how everything had to have symmetry and everything was exactly the same.”

Contractors are mixing different textures, styles and color blends and favoring larger-pattern pavers for hardscape projects in the east coast area. In the past, clients just wanted a simple patio for their grill and furniture. Now, people are spending more money to do outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to create more elaborate outdoor rooms, Monello says.

“I’ve seen more and more higher-end residential projects using marble, and that’s something that is kind of new. I’d never even thought to use marble outside, but right now, one of the largest jobs we have ever done is doing marble,” he says.

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