HydroPoint introduces Cloud-based flow optimization solution

OptiFlow will enable sites to optimize and maximize flow across the entire site.

April 21, 2017

HydroPoint Data Systems has announced that it has begun shipping OptiFlow, a flow solution that enables sites to optimize and maximize flow across an entire site from the cloud, keeping irrigation running as close to capacity as possible. OptiFlow ensures a landscape receives the amount of water it requires despite the limits of high-efficiency equipment and restrictive water windows.

“OptiFlow is the most exciting product we’ve released since WeatherTRAK, our award-winning irrigation controller,” said Chris Spain, HydroPoint co-founder and CEO. “We designed the solution for large sites with complicated flow requirements that are being further challenged by the adoption of drip irrigation’s much longer running times.”

OptiFlow allows multiple WeatherTRAK irrigation controllers to communicate via the Cloud and automatically coordinate and regulate flow levels. The solution provides control and visibility over water usage as well as immediate warning of any issues to ward off costly problems.

Sites utilizing WeatherTRAK with OptiFlow will benefit by:

  • Reducing water window times through automatic optimization of flow rates
  • Saving valuable time and man-hours with reliable automated water window management
  • Staying in compliance with water restrictions
  • Gaining visibility into water usage, budget and site configurations across an entire site
  • Being notified of flow alerts in real time
  • Reducing energy costs by optimizing and decreasing irrigation pump run times

OptiFlow is now available for WeatherTRAK Pro3 and Pro3 2-Wire controllers.