IA introduces irrigation curriculum for elementary schools

The curriculum will teach students the benefits of irrigation.

July 21, 2017

FAIRFAX, Va. –The IA announced the creation of its first elementary school lesson plan. Focusing on grades three through five, the curriculum’s activities take the student on a journey through the history and benefits of irrigation, including both agriculture and landscape.

“This is an exciting initiative of the IA,” said Deborah Hamlin, CAE, FASAE, CEO of the Irrigation Association. “Elementary school students need to understand that there is this great thing called 'irrigation,' and it puts food on our tables and keeps our communities green and healthy.”

The IA collaborated with Young Minds Inspired to develop the curriculum, relying on the IA for irrigation-related information and YMI for translating irrigation facts and benefits to rewarding and educational activities for elementary school students. During the initial rollout, the IA distributed the curriculum to more than 10,000 schools in four states: California, Florida, Texas and Nebraska.

“I can’t think of a better time to announce this new initiative than during Smart Irrigation Month,” said IA Government and Public Affairs Director John Farner. “This curriculum is the first step to an increased focus from the IA on educating the public about the benefits of irrigation to our society and well-being.”

View the curriculum here.