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American Carrier Equipment All-Steel Bottom Dump Trailer
The pitch: ACE developed a high-tensile-strength steel bottom dump trailer that is now delivering to the western U.S.

  • Weighs 9,680 lbs.
  • Towing properties have also been enhanced through the addition of a fully oscillating kingpin.
  • Reduces the potential for load material to bridge or form into non-flowing masses that remain in the trailer bed.

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Buyers Products LED Light Bars
The pitch: Buyers Products offers new LED light bar models and other LED lighting options for a variety of applications.

  • New heavy-duty LED light bars are available in three models and come standard with amber strobes.
  • The 24-in. model comes with eight modules, the 49-in. model comes with 14 modules and the 60-in. model comes with 14 modules.
  • The light bars can be customized with blue, clear or red strobe heads.

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Case CX130C and CX160C Excavators
The pitch: CASE added the Tier 4 interim CX130C and CX160C excavators to its C Series line.

  • Offers fuel economy increases of up to 8 percent and 5 percent, respectively, versus previous B Series models.
  • Both excavators achieve 100/124 net hp using Tier 4 Interim-certified cooled exhaust gas recirculation technology.
  • Boom Economy Control lowers engine RPMs during the boom down and swing operation.

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DynaSCAPE Design v6.1
The pitch: DynaSCAPE Design v6.1 integrates with the rest of the DynaSCAPE Suite to transform drawings into instant and accurate quotations.

  • Subtle coloring from the DynaSCAPE color module.
  • Color photographs from the Horticopia-powered Online Plant Database.
  • Instant material lists and plant picture catalogues.

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Exmark 30-Inch Stand-On Aerator
The pitch: The Exmark 30-in. Stand-On Aerator is designed to deliver maximum productivity and durability to lawn care professionals.

  • Features a split-tine design to allow easier turning with tines engaged.
  • 30-in. aeration width and 7.5-mph top speed.
  • Mass is centered directly over the 48 coring tines for maximum core depth consistency, and core depth is adjustable, from 2 to 5 in.

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The pitch: Eyemuffs, combined eye and ear protection, eliminates discomfort from wearing safety glasses and ear muffs, and will fit over reading glasses.

  • Replacement lenses available in clear, amber and smoke tint.
  • Eyemuffs can be worn like normal ear muffs because the lens can be flipped up.
  • Fully adjustable one size fits all; available in seven different colors.

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Green Gorilla Powered Spray System
The pitch: The Green Gorilla powered spray system connects to a premium spray tank, and eliminates manual pumping by pressurizing the air within the system.

  • The Power Pack’s rechargeable lithium ion power lasts for hours.
  • The system also serves as an automatic pressure relief for added safety. Power Packs can be snapped between tanks with no cross-contamination.
  • Available in 1.5-gal. and 2.5-gal. tanks.

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Netafim Multi-Function Hydrometers
The pitch: Netafim USA now features multi-function hydrometers, water-saving devices that monitor flow rates and usage.

  • The hydrometers provide visible, real-time data to evaluate water consumption on a daily basis.
  • Features a built-in master valve, water meter, flow sensor and pressure regulating valve.
  • Hydrometers can be utilized in either dripline or overhead irrigation systems and are compatible with controllers from most major manufacturers.

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PAVERART After Dark Series
The pitch: The PAVERART After Dark Series photo luminescent technology gives the ability to produce PAVERART hardscape designs that illuminate in the dark.

  • There is no power source and no electricity. The After Dark Series works by absorbing the sun and ambient light in the surrounding environment.
  • Lasts for 8-12 hours into the darkness without needing to recharge.
  • It’s prepared for the contractor prior to shipping, and then delivered to the job site for simple assembly.

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Rain Bird PVB Valve Boxes
The pitch: The PVB series by Rain Bird was designed to be quality, low-cost valve boxes.

  • The valve boxes and lids come in round, mini, standard and jumbo options and are available in green, black and tan.
  • Standard and jumbo valve box extensions are also available.
  • The lids carry a skid-resistant texture to help prevent slipping and falling as well as body ridges to provide additional side wall support.

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SumoSprings Airless Airbags
The pitch: A SumoSprings application has been developed for the Isuzu N-Series’ front suspension to improve driver comfort.

  • SumoSprings were designed to operate like an airbag without the air and hassle of a compressor system.
  • SumoSprings are composed of a proprietary microcellular urethane that offers a progressive spring rate.
  • Each SumoSpring can be compressed by 80 percent of its original height with full memory rebound.

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VP Racing Fuels Fix-It Fuel
The pitch: VP Racing Fuels in partnership with B3C Fuel Solutions Fix-It Fuel is a fuel system treatment that cleans and rejuvenates small engines damaged by ethanol.

  • It’s a pre-mixed ethanol-free 89 octane gas and oil blend. 
  • Although mixed with oil at 50:1, it works in any 2- and 4-cycle small engine application. 
  • Fortified with B3C’s Mechanic In A Bottle, it cleans and repairs the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor or injectors.

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