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DIY solution
A Washington D.C.-area landscaping company discovers the benefits of producing its own mulch and topsoil onsite.

Topsoil is vital for everyday operations at Denchfield Landscaping, a full-service design/build, and maintenance company in Hyattsville, Md. In the past, even by stockpiling soil between jobs and working with multiple vendors, the company would run out when it was most needed.

Yet, as the topsoil supply kept dwindling, the nearby pile of dirt removed from excavation jobs kept growing – resulting in what came to be known as Mount Denchfield, a 40- to 50-foot-tall pile of rocks and soil in the company yard. “That mountain would have been expensive to pay someone to get rid of – probably $20,000 to $30,000 to truck out,” says owner Kurt Denchfield.

When Denchfield Landscaping landed a contract that required about 3,000 yards of topsoil, they knew it was going to be a hassle to get that much soil. So Kurt’s son, Taylor, started researching options for turning Mount Denchfield into quality, usable topsoil.

Once the Denchfields found and purchased the right soil screening machine for their needs, they were in business.

“It’s fantastic,” Kurt says. “All of our field dirt we’d otherwise have to pay to truck out we now turn into topsoil and send back out to our jobsite or to our garden center.”

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Get your goggles ready

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Social media, water conservation and ready-made customers

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The Marketing Fix:
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