So you sit there

You cannot influence change from the sidelines. ASCA’s Kevin Gilbride encourages professional snow and ice managers to take an active part in making the industry’s collective voice heard by those who can impact real change.

So you sit there and you let your blood pressure boil during a discussion about insurance premiums.

So you sit there and listen to your industry colleagues tell all-too-familiar stories about how their snow and ice management firm were named in slip-and-fall lawsuits.

So you sit there in your office and grind your teeth as you sign your name to another check that’ll pay an insurance premium that is larger than last year’s.

So you sit there and just bitch.

I see two options: You can either continue to sit there on the sidelines, or you can get involved.

For two years, the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) has set out to change what is happening to this industry. Initially, we estimated it’d take three to five years to achieve the results on the issues we targeted.

It took us one year to get the plan in place, and then it took a year to employ the strategy. Now we estimate we’re in fact ahead of our own schedule. In the history of snow and ice management, the ASCA is the only industry group to have had any serious impact on changing laws. Why? It’s because no one ever game planned a strategy that could deliver real results.

ASCA representatives met with the top tort reform representatives in the country. The ASCA prepared and delivered reports to Congress that became verifiable testimony. The ASCA has established the ways in which professional snow and ice managers can protect themselves today – industry standards, education, and certification.

We have made great strides toward legislative change. We have a dedicated group of members – industry professionals – who are dedicating their time and resources to make change a reality for the professional snow and ice management industry. That’s why we encourage you to take a more active stance within your industry and to get involved with the ASCA. For more information on how to get more involved, check out the ASCA’s website ( or contact me directly at either or (330) 523-5368.

So, where are you going to be? Hopefully, you won’t be sitting this one out on the sidelines. L&L

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