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The snow season is right around the corner, so be prepared when it hits. Check out these products so you’re not left in the cold.

Honda Snowblower

The pitch: Honda Power Equipment’s HSS928A is one of 20 all-new U.S. HSS snow blower models to replace the existing HS Series.

  • The location of the hand lever controls allows for maneuvering and disengagement of transmission for easy movement when not powered.
  • In regards to the old HS Series, the blower diameter of the HSS928A has increased from 300 to 340 mm (13.4 inches).
  • It features an adjustable gas strut to raise, lower and position the entire auger housing precisely, providing ground clearance over gravel or non-smooth surfaces.

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REIST 2000 series snow thrower

The pitch: The REIST 2000 series snow thrower features a single-stage system that can generate the power to throw snow efficiently.

  • The units come with a carbon-fibre cutting edge that’s set on an angle, plus carbon fibre feet to help it glide over sidewalk cracks.
  • With a 42-inch wide option, the thrower can fit on smaller sidewalks, replacing the need to shovel by hand.
  • Optional kits include a hydraulic hood turner kit, a hydraulic hood deflector kit and a hydraulic drive kit available on all series, as well as an adapter plate for 3PH to universal skid steer quick hitch.

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SnowEx Mini Pro 575

The pitch: The SnowEx Mini Pro 575 Tailgate Spreader is designed to be an option for both large and small snow and ice control contractors.

  • It comes standard with a receiver hitch mount. Optional mounting kits include a utility mount and three-point mount for tractors.
  • Mounted in a weather-tight enclosure, the direct-drive system includes a 12-volt DC motor and maximum torque transmission.
  • Designed to carry up to 350 pounds of salt, sand or de-icing material, the Mini Pro 575 is recommended for use with utility vehicles, compact pickups, sport utility vehicles, 1/2-ton pickups, small- to mid-size tractors and skid steer loaders.

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The pitch: TrucBrush can solve the challenge of snow accumulation on fleet rooftops without making unsafe conditions for your employees.

  • The polypropylene-bristled broom device quickly connects to most front-end loaders. Its hydraulic system has dual rotation operation and is run from the loader.
  • With a conversion kit that makes the brush usable for lot sweeping, TrucBrush has multi-seasonal use.
  • It's manufactured with heavy gauge steel and features a paint finish designed for a lifetime of use.

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