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Photo courtesy of GreenPro

Bravo Trailer’s GreenPRO model

The pitch: GreenPRO brand trailers have been engineered and tested for the rigors of daily lawn care professionals along with landscape contractor’s heavy use.

  • They feature strong frames, heavy duty (and cableless option) ramp doors and reinforced tool hangers.
  • Bravo Trailers backs the GreenPRO models with a 5-year warranty.
  • Bravo’s engineering team worked with end users and fleet buyers to develop the model.

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Photo courtesy of ASV

ASV’s  VT-100 and VT-100 Forestry Posi-Track compact track loaders

The pitch: The models include elevated comfort, visibility and performance features.

  • The loaders’ large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps transfer more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and reduce power loss.
  • The VT-100 features a 3,500-pound rated operating capacity and 10,286-pound tipping load while the VT-100 Forestry includes a 3,700-pound rated operating capacity and a 10,571-pound tipping load.
  • The dual-level suspension of the VT-100 and VT-100 Forestry features both suspended wheels and axles, allowing it to manage every type of terrain and at faster speeds.

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Photo courtesy of Hilltip

Hilltip’s SprayStriker Hi-Flow Electric Series

The pitch: The de-icing sprayers feature electric-driven high-flow pumps and are available with tank capacities from 500 to 3,250 gallons.

  • The HFE series includes the largest sprayers in Hilltip’s SprayStriker equipment family.
  • Intended for municipalities and large contractors, the new models offer an environmentally-friendly solution for winter maintenance.
  • HFE series sprayers include specialized dual high-flow pumps and flow meters to pump exact application rates on demand with instant responsiveness.

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Photo courtesy of Kubota

Kubota Tractor Corporation’s SVL75-3

The pitch: The new SVL75-3 replaces the popular SVL75-2 with a wide range of performance, comfort and productivity features.

  • With a working range that includes a rated operating capacity of 2,490 lbs. at 35% or 3,557 lbs. at 50%, and 6,191 lbs. of breakout force and a hinge pin height of 122.7 inches, the SVL75-3 can tackle the toughest tasks. 
  • The SVL75-3’s hydraulic system features an Advanced Multifunction Valve (AMV) that helps to ensure smooth movement of all hydraulic functions when operated simultaneously.
  • Updated travel features include faster two-speed travel and the Advanced Auto Downshift system.

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Photo courtesy of Air Defender

ISOTunes’ Air Defender AM/FM

The pitch: The Air Defender is a noise-isolating, over-ear hearing protector with AM/ FM radio connectivity.

  • The upgraded product is complete with AM/FM radio connectivity and a station-saving memory function for easy listening.
  • AIR DEFENDER AM/FM includes ISOtunes’ SafeMax Technology to deliver exceptional audio while limiting output volume to a safe 85 decibels.
  • Created with comfortability and convenience in mind, it offers a comfort foam headband and ear cushions presented in a lightweight design for continuous, comfortable listening

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Photo courtesy of Husqvarna

Husqvarna’s 560 XP Mark II and 562 XP Mark II

The pitch: Both new chainsaws are designed for superior movement, and the design of both models makes them much easier to move side to side.

  • A key aspect for increased maneuverability is the narrow chainsaw bodies that bring the front handles closer to the center of gravity of the saws.
  • The easy operation of the chainsaws is guaranteed by Simple Start Technology and AutoTune 3.0.
  • The chainsaws have improved cooling enabled by a new muffler and optimized crankcases, cylinders, pistons, cylinder covers and starter housing.

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Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 FUEL Brush Cutter

The pitch: This solution utilizes M18 FUEL technology to deliver users the power to clear thick brush, and the ability to reach full throttle in under one second. 

  • Utilizing Redlink Plus Intelligence, this brush cutter delivers instantaneous throttle response for ultimate control and increased productivity.
  • A two-speed control feature provides users with maximum run-time in low applications where less power is needed while maximizing power for increasingly demanding applications.  
  • A dual shoulder strap harness and a lightweight, balanced design gives users more comfort and ease of use.

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Photo courtesy of Propane Fueling Solutions

Propane Fueling Solutions’ standalone fueling system

The pitch: The new, portable dual-purpose standalone fueling system allows fleets with various alternative fuel vehicles to refuel with propane autogas or recharge independent of the grid.

  • The skid infrastructure combines a 60kW propane generator with wind and solar power to create a microgrid that allows fleets to affordably implement a drop-in charging solution.
  • The skid also includes a refueling station for propane autogas vehicles.
  • Compared to traditional EV charging infrastructure, the skid solution doesn’t require the same site prep, permanent housing, or other costly charges that are incurred with permanent infrastructure.

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