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Manage your crews and help your bottom line with the latest in GPS and routing technology.

Azuga SafetyCam

The pitch: Azuga Safety Cam can be used to identify and reduce unsafe driving behaviors before accidents occur.

  • Designed with high-definition, 1080p road-facing and driver-facing cameras that record evidence in the event of an accident. 
  • While Azuga SafetyCam is continuously recording vehicle trips, it can automatically detect at-risk driving behaviors and will upload video before and after they occur.  
  • Fleet managers can then review these video clips to proactively identify poor driving habits and use them as real-life examples when coaching drivers to curb bad driving behaviors.

For more info: Azuga.com

GPS Insight Standard and Driveri

The pitch: GPS Insight fleet tracking and in-cab cameras provide actionable insights to help organizations re-engage their fleet. 

  • GPS Insight Standard delivers simple, cost-effective fleet tracking for landscaping fleets looking to gain visibility into their operations.  
  • Camera provides evidence to protect you against false claims. 
  • A combination of fleet tracking and in-cab cameras serves as a powerful tool to improve driver management and coaching.

For more info: Gpsinsight.com

Quartix vehicle tracking

The pitch: Quartix lets you track your vehicles and drivers in real-time over the web or via our free mobile app, so that you can manage your costs, safety and time.  

  • Monitor your crew activity with live locations and real-time alerts 
  • Easily report on routes taken, start & finish times, driving styles and speeding 
  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs and validate billable hours

For more info: Quartix.com

Verizon Connect Reveal

The pitch: An easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking software, users can use Reveal to see vehicles on a live map, track driver behaviors like speeding and hard braking, and help verify timesheets for payroll purposes.  

  • Reveal can assist business owners with improving their productivity and efficiency using vehicle maintenance tracking, reports on idling and asset tracking for equipment and trailers. 
  • With this all-in-one platform, you can add job scheduling, dispatching and video dash cams to your integrated solution. 
  • Verizon Connect offers a comprehensive implementation process that works with you on installation, set-up, and training.

For more info: Verizonconnect.com

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