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Your hardscape projects will look much more put together with the right products on the job.

Anchor Wall Landings Step Unit

The pitch: The Landings step unit’s quarried limestone look can be integrated into landscape projects or used as a standalone feature.

  • Double-sided texture and two faces on the rise allow steps to be rotated for optimal aesthetics.
  • Smooth sides allow steps to be placed side by side for longer treads.
  • It features a granite-like texture on tread surface.

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Belgard Bordeux Grill Island

The pitch: A part of Belgard Elements’ modular design hardscapes, the Bordeaux Series features a stackstone design that allows a grill island to become the focal point of an outdoor space.

  • The prebuilt, modular grill island is packaged as a single unit and installs in less than one hour with existing patio build out.
  • The single piece unit, which weighs approximately 3,000 pounds, has a two-way fork slot design, configured for easy transport.
  • The Lamina Stone product has a multi-length and layered appearance which provides a rustic, stacked stone aesthetic appeal.

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Black Diamond Coatings SG+

The pitch: The SG+ high performance sealer provides rich color enhancement and a semi-gloss to glossy finish on concrete pavers and other concrete surfaces.

  • Coverage up to 400 square feet per gallon per coat (typically two coats applied) and long-lasting performance due to its industrial grade UV additive.
  • May use on damp surfaces (no pooled water) for job efficiency.
  • Certified by the USDA as Bio-Preferred; water-based and environmentally friendly for customer satisfaction and your own crew’s health.

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Pine Hall Brick Rumbled Bluffs

The pitch: Pine Hall Bricks’ newest paver, Rumbled Bluffs, are made of clay.

  • The pavers are tumbled after firing to represent an aged look of a paver that has been around for hundreds of years.
  • Customers can choose between antique or traditional then mix and match to personalize patterns.
  • Come in sizes: 21/4- by 4- by 8-inch pedestrian/light vehicular and 23/4- by 4- by 8-inch heavy vehicular.

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ProSeries - Paver Treatment Product Line

The pitch: ProSeries from Techniseal is a product line specifically aimed at paver professionals.

  • It features a complete three-step paver-care system for removing stains, preparing the surface and applying a sealant.
  • Paver-care Protectors are a solution for protecting and beautifying landscaping projects.
  • The paver-care products are environmentally responsible. They meet and sometimes even exceed current government standards.

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Seal ‘n Lock Super Wet Look

The pitch: Seal ‘n Lock’s Super Wet sealer is a two component, water-based urethane designed for pavers.

  • With its process, contractors don’t have to wait days for pavers to dry; the sealer can be applied the same day.
  • Its formula can even be used on damp surfaces without the risk of turning white.
  • SuperWet has very low odor and applies quickly and easily by sprayer, eliminating the need for rollers, respirators and toxic solvents.

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VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems

The pitch: The original solid, pinned SRW system offers unparalleled design versatility and ease of installation of small to tall walls.

  • Retaining/freestanding walls, curves, multi-angled corners, columns and stairs without specialty pieces or hollow cores to fill.
  • Available in traditional split-face and vintage Weathered textures.
  • The VERSA-LOK family includes standard, mosaic, cobble, accent and harmony solid wall systems as well as big block options.

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