Where do you want to be in 2023?

Todd Stucke, Sr. VP Marketing, Product Support & Strategic Projects, Kubota Tractor Corporation Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Kubota North America

It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of another year and already looking toward 2023. But as we do, it seems there is a renewed sense of cautious optimism for our industry, even despite fear of a recession. Perhaps the year ahead is being greeted in this way because of all we’ve been through and all we’ve learned from it, or more likely from a desire to get back to life before the word “pandemic” even entered our vocabulary.

What this year has taught us, above all, is that we must keep moving forward, activating long-term plans, and looking past today to ensure a productive future.

For Kubota, we’ve been busy doing just that by significantly expanding our infrastructure. This year alone, we’ve announced commitments of more than $320 million to our U.S. facilities. In fact, we recently celebrated the opening of our new North America R&D facility in Gainesville, Georgia, in addition to announcing plans to expand manufacturing capacity in the state. What this means for the landscape industry is more Kubota turf products are being produced here in the U.S. than ever before. Kubota commercial and residential turf equipment is proudly “Georgia Made,” with more to come in the year ahead.

We know you can’t do your job without quick access to the right equipment at the right time. And we’ve heard from you that even despite the challenges, like high energy prices, lack of quality labor, and supply chain issues, you are still growing. The better we can respond to your needs, the better chance you have of keeping your customers happy and your business growing.

That is why we are also diversifying our product lines — introducing more stand-on mowers and walk behinds, more powerful zero-turn mowers; and more versatile utility vehicles and landscape construction equipment to carry your crew and your tools. Our product development and one-stop shop equipment offerings are in direct response to your specific needs, working with our dealer and landscape partners, and then backed by the best dealer service and support.

And that’s just what we’re doing today. For tomorrow, we are working to harness new technologies and innovation in our R&D facilities that will someday soon provide even more solutions to not only make your jobs better and more productive, but also to lessen our collective impact on the environment and create a better future for us all.

With that, let’s use this time to review the year’s learnings, renew our sense of optimism, and recommit to where we want to be in 2023. Together, let’s put a plan in motion for a prosperous year ahead.

Best Wishes,
Todd Stucke

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