to host next episode of Fuel Up webinar series

"Mastering Landscaping Sales: Challenges and Strategies for 2023-24," will take place on Thursday, Sept. 7, beginning at noon EST. has an upcoming webinar, the third episode of its Fuel Up Webinar Series. Titled "Mastering Landscaping Sales: Challenges and Strategies for 2023-24," this webinar will explore the challenges, strategies, and trends shaping landscaping industry sales in 2023-24 and take place on Sept.7 at noon EST.

The panelists include Lara Moon, Divisional VP of Sales at BrightView Landscapes; Jacquie O'Connor, CEO of Leo Exterior Facilities Maintenance; Anita Palmer, Chief Revenue Officer at Sperber Landscape Companies; and Shawn Prince, VP of Business Development at

The webinar's agenda will also cover leading sales efforts through seasonality, considering critical factors such as sustainability, labor shortages, economic downturns and shifting consumer preferences. 

“ is excited to facilitate these important dialogues, talking not only about augmenting your sales efforts but also pushing boundaries with a focus on women's leadership in landscaping and exploring how modern technology can transform your sales approaches and strategies,” says Shiva Dhawan, CEO & Co-founder,

Join us in an engaging and insightful dialogue that will shape the future of the landscaping industry. Click here to register.