Bayer’s Tetrino now available in California

This insecticide controls white grub, bluegrass billbugs, fallarmy worm and more.

The Turf and Ornamentals business of Bayer is announcing Tetrino— featuring the new active ingredient tetraniliprole — is now available for purchase in California. This innovative technology controls white grub, bluegrass billbugs, fallarmy worm and more with one complete solution.

“With the availability of Tetrino, superintendents and lawn care operators in California now have one solution with flexible application timing to control the toughest, turf-damaging insects,” said Dr. Zac Reicher, Technical Service Turfgrass manager – West Region of the Bayer U.S. Turf & Ornamentals business. “Other options for managing these pests require multiple products and strict application windows. With Tetrino, superintendents and lawn care operators will improve their turf management game and have more freedom and time to devote to other projects.”

Tetrino is designed to make control as easy as possible. In addition to flexible application timing, superintendents and lawn care operators can incorporate it into other management programs for treating pests like chinch bugs, caterpillars and billbugs. Tetrino works quickly to control these problem insects. Absorbed through the roots and shoots of the turf, tetraniliprole causes immediate cessation of insect feeding following exposure for fast results.

“There is no other product on the market like Tetrino, so we are thrilled it is now available in California,” said Doug Clark, area sales manager, West Region of U.S. Turf & Ornamentals. “The product solves a long-standing problem and is something every superintendent and lawn care operator should use to help achieve their best.”

Through Sept. 30, Bayer is providing superintendents and lawn care operators with a special offer as part of the NOW Solutions program. To learn more, contact a distributor representative or visit to select calculate the savings. 

For more information about Tetrino, superintendents can visit and contact a Bayer representative for a customized treatment program.

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