3 brands combine as Petitti Family of Farms

Willowbend, Ridge Manor and Losely will all do business under the new rebrand.

While recently displaying at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show, Willowbend Nurseries, owned by Angelo Petitti and the Petitti family, debuted its new brand, Petitti Family of Farms.

Company President Joe Allio said the shift to do business as Petitti Family of Farms organized the company’s three, well-regarded, wholesale nursery operations under one single, and highly recognizable, brand identity.

“The ultimate goal of creating the new brand was to communicate the unification of all three operations to customers in a clear and easily understood way while still maintaining each farm’s name and reputation,” Allio said. “The umbrella brand conveys the collection of farms is under Petitti ownership and management, which in and of itself signifies a commitment to quality, innovation, and long-term growth. Continuing to use each nursery’s name within that framework also reaffirms to customers that they will continue to receive the unique selection they’ve come to rely on from these nurseries, while also achieving the enhanced benefits superior quality, consistent supply, and efficient service.”

All three Petitti-branded nurseries are located within 10-15 miles of each other in the Lake County region of Northeast Ohio. Petitti Family of Farms’ positioning within 500 miles of 75% of the North American population also allows for one-day shipping to most locations.

Willowbend is a century farm specializing in bareroot hydrangea trees along with a wide assortment of shrubs. Ridge Manor is a container nursery producing premium, zone-hardy shrubs, trees, grasses, and perennials. Losely is a balled-and-burlapped (“B&B”) farm featuring a diverse selection of mature tree, shrub, and ornamental plant material. Together, Petitti Family of Farms represents a newly streamlined experience of securing bareroot, container, and B&B plant material from a single source, saving customers time, labor, and overall cost.

The re-branding includes a new company logo featuring a panicle hydrangea as the centerpiece illustration, honoring the plant’s place in the history of the farms as well as its ongoing role as a signature crop. A new website, petittifamilyfarms.com, tells the full story of the new brand and will be leveraged as a powerful tool going forward to reach and connect with customers nationwide. Availabilities are accessible to current wholesale customers via the website, a feature which updates every 15 minutes. 

“We’re proud to give customers a new and unique opportunity with our combined offering under the Petitti family brand,” said Angelo Petitti, chairman of Petitti Family of Farms. “Our goal for the nurseries is simple: we want to be the absolute, very best in the industry. That means always reinvesting in expertise and technology so we can supply the best product to our customers with non-stop availability throughout the growing season, and unparalleled service. This rebranding effort is another step forward in that direction.”

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