FieldBin rolling out new features this month

The software updates include improved data support capabilities and a new price book.

FieldBin, a field service management software provider, will introduce a number of new features to its application later this month, including improved data support capabilities to speed turnaround and implementation time, a new price book to generate fast, accurate job estimates, and enhanced, expanded reporting capabilities.

“With costs rapidly rising and many economists predicting a recession in the New Year, field service businesses – including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and other trade companies – will need to use technology in new, innovative ways in order to be responsive to rising consumer demands for competitive prices, accurate job estimates, and exact scheduling,” said FieldBin President and Co-Founder Garrett Wilson.

With that in mind, FieldBin’s new price book will contain new capabilities for calculating precise, on-site estimates and tax rates by zip code, as well as options for flat-rate pricing and invoice generation. Improved data support, meanwhile, will enable FieldBin’s FSM software “to collect data from the field, analyze and remedy on-the-job issues, and improve service quality and customer satisfaction,” Wilson said. Newly enhanced and expanded reporting will offer deeper insights into job profitability, tracking costs and financial efficiencies.     

“(The software) will also help field service companies to deal with worker shortages by enabling them to efficiently schedule, dispatch, and assign jobs based on their size, scope, and worker availability,” Wilson said. Calendars that cross-reference team assignments to easily move workers from one job to another, for example, can be constructed so there is no wasted time, while task management can set reminders, prioritize stops, track time, and manage workloads.

FieldBin's features include work order scheduling, invoicing, inventory management, estimating and quotes, payments processing, service portal, and customer management with a simple-to-use interface, intuitive navigation, and easy drag-and-drop functionality – all accessible from anywhere on any device.