FieldRoutes announces new data declaration

The company invites other software providers to join a pledge to avoid unnecessary delays and exorbitant fees.

FieldRoutes, a ServiceTitan company, has launched the FieldRoutes Data Declaration and invites all providers to join the pledge to support customers’ rights to their data. The Data Declaration calls for customers to be able to easily and efficiently extract their data if they decide to move to another software provider.

“At FieldRoutes, we routinely hear from pest control and lawn care operators looking to switch from their current software provider that their data is being held from them or delayed extensively,” says William Chaney, chief executive officer of FieldRoutes. “Creating delays, tacking on fees and trapping businesses in multiple contracts are unacceptable practices. We recognize how costly and time-consuming this can be for businesses, and we have committed to help influence change in our industry by sharing how FieldRoutes operates when it comes to customers’ rights to their data in hopes that other providers will follow suit.”

FieldRoutes has an established practice of supporting customers' rights to their data without additional charges. FieldRoutes has pledged to:

  1. Enable customers with a self-serve way to extract names, addresses, emails, account balances, and more at any time via a comma-separated values (CSV) file directly from the software.
  2. Provide comprehensive data extracts of customer information in the context of migrating to a competitor.
  3. Co-term customer agreements to align all of the software’s modules and other add-ons with the master agreement’s original renewal date.
  4. Provide customers transitioning to a competitor with their payment data from FieldRoutes® Payments within 10 business days of the request.
  5. Not charge customers for extraction of their payment tokens from FieldRoutes Payments.
  6. Not terminate payment processing until a customer has successfully migrated to another software provider.

"Today's technology allows for a more expedient transfer of information, and business owners know that," Chaney says. "To cause delays that can put a business in peril or use language that can be perceived as a threat is unnecessary. FieldRoutes will not do that.”

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