Heartland acquires multiple companies

The acquisitions happened throughout 2021 and include two Top 100 companies.

Heartland recently announced 7 acquisitions the company made in 2021

“Our formula for success is simple; we strive to partner with the entrepreneurs who’ve built market leading brands with exceptional culture and growth potential," said HeartLand’s Founder and CEO Ed Schatz. "Not surprisingly, our strategy resonates with owners who place a high value on finding the right partner who will respect their brand and create opportunity for their people.”

HeartLand has completed and integrated 22 acquisitions since 2016. It ranked No. 12 on our Top 100 list in 2021.

“Each of these companies are highly-regarded leaders in the markets they serve, and we’re honored to welcome them as partners” said Rob McDonnell, HeartLand’s chief acquisition officer. “These owners have built companies with stellar reputations by living and working according to their core values; they were seeking a robust platform for the continued growth of their team members and HeartLand offered that.”

  • MainScapes (Founded 1995) – Washington, D.C. / Baltimore (July)

MainScapes provides full-service grounds maintenance to planned communities in suburban areas. The company is a complementary addition to Heritage Landscape Services, a HeartLand portfolio company in northern Virginia.

“We have always held the dedication to customer service as a high priority and know that our number one asset is our team members," said Joe O’Brien, long-term operations leader at MainScapes. "Our shared alignment and core values have made the transition seamless. Our team members are being offered great growth opportunities and that is extremely exciting”

  • Cutting Edge Services (Founded 1995) – Boise / Salt Lake City / Denver (September)

Cutting Edge in Boise, Idaho, services office, retail, planned communities and multi-family properties. The company expanded in recent years to Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado.

The company was ranked No. 65 on the 2021 Lawn & Landscape Top 100. 

Co-owner Bob Wheeler says “It is exciting to see our people adapt and embrace the changes that have come their way as we have accelerated our growth over the past few years. We have continued to maintain our quality and commitments to our clients while improving growth opportunities for our entire team.” Co-owner Ben Helton added “Our joint leadership allows us to prioritize different sides of the business with a unique focus unmatched in our region. Growing the right way has provided valuable opportunities for our team and clients across the locations we serve.”

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  • Perficut Companies (Founded 1989) – Des Moines / Cedar Rapids / Omaha (October)

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Perficut provides grounds maintenance and winter services to commercial clients across all market segments, with a significant presence in industrial, retail, office, and medical sectors. The company also serves Cedar Rapids in eastern Iowa and into Omaha, Nebraska.

Perficut president Matt Boelman had this to say about the qualities that have enabled the company to grow and expand: “Perficut has always honored its strong Core Values to build a collaborative team of Passionate, Respectful, Honest and Dedicated individuals to serve our clients and our employees. Our partnership with HeartLand will enhance our ability to continue delivering exceptional service in the future.”

  • Landscape Services, Inc. / “LSI” (Founded 1988) – Nashville (November)

LSI is a family-run commercial landscape service business in Nashville. LSI  serves clients in planned communities, office, multi-family and education, as well as other commercial market sectors. LSI had grown to become No. 72 in the Lawn & Landscape Top 100.

“We believe that living by our core values including doing what we say we are going to do and always doing the right thing are the golden rules to earning the trust and respect of our team members and our clients,” said Doug Stacey, LSI’s president. “Those core values align well with the HeartLand vision and leadership, which is why we are excited to be a part of the HeartLand family.”

  • Sharp’s Landscaping (Founded 1991) – Philadelphia (November)

Sharp’s is a commercial company in the greater Philadelphia market with a focus on multi-family, healthcare, university, office, industrial and planned communities. Founder Jim Sharp selected Mike Donahue to lead the business, which he has done since 2016.

“Sharp’s has been able to grow and thrive in the tri-state area by keeping the needs of the client as priority one,” Donahue said. “This belief has become part of the company culture and has been passed along to the organization from Jim Sharp himself. Companies like ours want to collaborate with a partner that looks out for their interests, deliver what they say they are going to, and quickly respond to feedback.”

  • Total Environment (Founded 1992) – Oklahoma City (December)

Total Environment maintains properties in the Oklahoma City market, including planned communities and the luxury  homes within them.

“I think it comes down to three things," said Founder Ty Hartwig about building a successful company. “First, assembling a talented staff. Second, paying attention to the details; we notice things that most lawn care companies don’t see. Third, providing multiple services with only one client contact. People are busy and if they can call one person, their account manager, to handle multiple things it simplifies their lives.”

  • Merit Landscape Solutions (Founded 1976) – Western New Jersey / Philadelphia / Houston, Austin, Dallas - Fort Worth, San Antonio TX (December)

With commercial landscape operations in the Northeast and in Texas, Merit was ready for a new partner who could embrace their expansive geography and help them grow.

“The northeast Merit team is very grateful and excited about the opportunity to partner with HeartLand and welcomes their support as we continue to grow the business and provide our clients with quality service rooted in partnership," said owner Joe Hoey. "With this type of opportunity, the future is unlimited.”

“Our business has experienced an amazing transformation over the last couple of years, including clients, team members and the processes we use to deliver excellence,” said Rob Cyprus, who leads the company’s South Central U.S and Texas operations. “The opportunity to partner with a unique and successful team in HeartLand allows Merit access to key resources that will provide the support necessary to grow with our current customer base by entering into new relationships with clients who are looking for our type of focused service approach. We are thrilled to be part of the HeartLand portfolio and are excited about the next chapter for Merit.”

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