SePRO launches Zio fungicide

Zio colonizes the plant while producing compounds to control harmful plant pathogens.

CARMEL, Ind. – Zio Fungicide is a new tool for golf course superintendents, landscapers, and growers designed to manage several important turf and ornamental diseases.

Zio is a bacteria hand-selected from a library of 60k-plus microbes to protect plants against destructive diseases and improve quality. It colonizes the plant while producing compounds to control harmful plant pathogens including Rhizoctonia (Brown Patch), Pythium spp. and anthracnose. Zio has been scientifically proven to provide preventative control of resistant fungi utilizing multiple modes-of-action (MoA). Additionally, Zio can be mixed with traditional fungicides to enhance efficacy and minimize the risk of resistance development.

"Zio is technology, unlike anything we have seen before in this industry. It truly is a New World Plant Protectant," says Sam Barrick, VP of Marketing for SePRO Corporation. "Zio is the type of product that can redefine how we as an industry approach disease management."

“It’s a pretty rare instance when superintendents, growers, and landscapers can utilize a product that checks all the desired boxes; effective, broad-spectrum and resistance adverse,” says Mark Brotherton, portfolio leader for SePRO Corporation. “These benefits are largely attributed to Zio’s multiple MoA. It produces compounds that halt fungi respiration, deprive pathogens of iron and enzymatically breakdown fungal structures. Zio also rapidly colonizes the plant and soil profile, occupying sites where pathogens would otherwise infect the plant.”

“After several years of research, the results have been promising,” says Dr. Kyle Briscoe, research manager for SePRO Corporation. “Zio not only effectively controlled the diseases being evaluated but also improved plant quality.”

Zio is labeled for a wide range of use sites including turfgrass, production ornamentals, landscapes, and vegetable transplants. It is also OMRI certified for organic production.

Zio fungicide is now available for use and can be purchased from a local SePRO distributor. For more information please contact a SePRO Technical Specialist or visit the Zio website