LMN unveils new dashboards

Highlights of the upgraded LMN Analytics include a sales pipeline, customer insights, estimate analysis and more.

Landscape Management Network, is introducing its upgraded LMN Analytics. These new tools are designed to simplify how landscaping companies understand and improve their businesses.

As landscaping businesses grow, it becomes trickier to keep track of performance, sales opportunities and crew productivity. LMN's improved Analytics tackles these challenges head-on. With user-friendly tools, landscape contractors can now easily see what's going well and what needs attention.

"LMN's new Analytics helps contractors see exactly where they should focus their efforts. Whether it's refining estimates or supporting team members, contractors can now analyze their data effortlessly and make meaningful improvements,” says Mark Bradley, CEO and founder of LMN.

Key Highlights of LMN's Analytics include:

  • Sales Pipeline: Get a clear view of your sales funnel, including top-performing salespeople and how deals are progressing.
  • Customer Insights: Understand your customers better to build stronger relationships.
  • Estimate Analysis: See where your estimating process shines and where it could improve.
  • Job Cost Analysis: Figure out how much you're really making on each job and compare it to your estimates.

In the near future, LMN plans to add even more features, like tracking visits, materials used and crew performance. For more information about LMN and its Analytics feature, visit golmn.com.