Project EverGreen partners with I Want to Mow Your Lawn

The New Jersey-based non-profit was founded in 2020 by Brian Schwartz.

Project EverGreen recently announced a partnership with I Want to Mow Your Lawn.

Like Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops, which provides complimentary lawn care and basic landscape services to families of deployed military personnel, I Want to Mow Your Lawn provides complimentary lawn mowing services to senior citizens, military veterans, disabled and under-resourced individuals and families. The New Jersey-based non-profit was founded in 2020 by Brian Schwartz. 

“Forming an alliance to help more military families, veterans and other deserving individuals made sense for many reasons,” said Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “Our two organizations together can cast a wider net and help more families and individuals enjoy all the benefits healthy, accessible green spaces have to offer.”

Both non-profits serve a nationwide audience and collectively will strive to expand the bandwidth and awareness of both programs. Fluctuations in the availability and location of both volunteers and families create an ebb and flow that is dependent upon new volunteers joining these community service-based initiatives and deliver the gift of a well-maintained healthy yard and landscape to military families, veterans, and seniors.

These initiatives provide the platform for individuals and businesses with the skills and bandwidth needed to maintain healthy lawns, which in turn deliver peace of mind to families during stressful times such as deployments or rehabbing from a service-related injury. The alliance will work to raise the profile and availability of the programs to fill current gaps and the opportunity for new volunteers to give back to their communities.

“We’re honored to officially partner with Project EverGreen to create synergies between our two organizations. The partnership will multiply efforts to provide relief for families of active military and give back to those who have proudly served our country,” Schwartz said. “It’s our way to say thank you for the service and sacrifices families make to protect our freedoms. We never take that for granted.”

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