RightLine acquired by Aycorp, industry veteran Tim Zech

RightLine will continue to be managed by Zech, who has managed the U.S. operations since the company’s inception.

MALDEN, Mo. – Aycorp has partnered with Tim Zech to purchase the RightLine business assets. RightLine, a specialty turf and ornamental chemical manufacturer and marketer, will continue U.S. operations without interruption. RightLine offers a broad line of post-patent herbicides, fungicides, nematicides and insecticides.

With the company’s broad experience in crop consulting, manufacturing and distribution, the acquisition of RightLine makes perfect sense, according to Aycorp Chief Executive Officer Barry Aycock.

“Aycorp is looking to acquire great businesses that have the potential to grow and flourish, and we are confident RightLine will do just that,” Aycock said. 

RightLine will continue to be managed by co-owner Tim Zech, who has managed the U.S. operations since inception. With 15 products already in the market and six more in development, RightLine is positioned to continue its steep growth curve.  

“RightLine is growing and by adding more products and hiring the right people to assist our sales efforts, more growth will occur,” Zech said.    

Information regarding RightLine, the products the company markets and supporting materials may be found on the company’s website.