Turnaround Tour

Lawn & Landscape has again partnered with the Harvest Group for another year of the Turnaround Tour. Each year, we partner three landscapers or lawn care operators with Bill Arman, Ed Laflamme and their team of consultants to help them solve their most challenging problems.

Sponsored by Verizon Connect, Exmark and Corona Tools, the three companies will receive a year’s worth of consulting, including on-site visits, phone calls and a customized plan for operations, growth and profitability from The Harvest Group, a $25,000 value. We’ll be bringing you their stories in print and online.

And, the Turnaround Tour will be back in 2020! Send in your application by September 16, 2019 for your chance to be one of our 2020 companies. Click here to download the application.


Meet the 2019 winners:

Josh Brunner and Gary Hardy
These two friends decided to take over a landscaping business to create more flexibility in their personal lives.

Jennifer Davies and Bob Naylor
This husband-and-wife team is setting up shop in a high-end resort town.

Bobby and Lauren White
These longtime business owners are looking to take their company to the next level.

Keeping up with the winners:

April Update
With an offseason of planning under their belts, our featured businesses are ready to start the season.

June Update
The three Turnaround Tour companies are doing their best to avoid roadblocks as the busy season progresses.



Episode One:

Pratt's Lawn Care & Landscapes

Brunner's Lawn & Services

Maple Hill


Episode Two:

Pratt's Lawn Care & Landscapes

Brunner's Lawn & Services

Maple Hill


Episode Three:

Pratt's Lawn Care & Landscapes

Brunner's Lawn & Services

Maple Hill


Episode Four:

Pratt's Lawn Care & Landscapes

Brunner's Lawn & Services

Maple Hill 

2018 Introductions

Outdoor Expressions PA
Outdoor Expressions PA was once a multimillion-dollar company in Pennsylvania, and the new owners want to head in that direction once again.

La Cholla Landscaping
A career change after 9/11 has Gabe Lobato going from a struggling landscaper to one who wants to get past the $1-million mark.

About The Harvesters

Interested in the consulting services offered by Bill Arman and Ed Laflamme? Click here to find out more about The Harvesters. Looking for landscape business training? Check out The Harvest Way Academy here.

New Visions Lawn & Landscape
Michael Mould and Tiffany Tucker have experienced rapid growth since acquiring New Visions two years ago, and now need to control that growth before they burn out.


April 2018: Turnaround Tour companies make changes as spring starts
As the Turnaround Tour companies prepare for the busy season, they need to get their pricing right, figure out their plan of attack and delegate responsibilities.

June 2018: Getting a grasp, a late start and breaking records
We caught up with the Turnaround Tour winners in the first week of May to find out how the season started.

October 2018: Making the grade, managerial change and weather woes   
The three companies recap how their summers went and where they want to improve for the fall and beyond.

December 2018: Ready for 2019
As this year’s Turnaround Tour comes to a close, the three winners and the Harvest Group give us a look at what’s on the horizon.


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Video Archive:



Catch up with our 2018 companies to see what they've learned, what they've changed and where they plan to go from here.

Turnaround Tour 2018: Outdoor Expressions

Turnaround Tour 2018: New Visions


Click here to read the 2017 sponsor letter. Below, see features and updates on the progress the companies made last year.

2017 Introductions

Freedom Lawn Care
Wade's Lawn Service
Vineland Landscaping



Making Headway
Our Turnaround Tour winners made it through the spring, but the work is just beginning.

Problem Solvers
As the spring season starts in earnest, the Turnaround Tour winners work to solve some of the industry’s most common challenges: people, pricing and getting paid.

Coming to a Close
As fall approaches, the Turnaround Tour winners continue to find new ways to improve.


Missed our webinars with the 2017 Turnaround Tour winners? Click the links below to listen!

Freedom Lawn CareThe Harvesters and the owners of Freedom Lawn & Landscape discuss steps Freedom took to improve, and how they increased gross profit margin. 

Wade’s Lawn Service
Find out how the Turnaround Tour helped the Wades identify where to make improvements, and how you can make the same changes in your business. 

Vineland Landscaping
Find out how Vineland Landscaping improved its gross margin, quality of work and sales process with the help of the Harvest Group.

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