The A.N.T.

The A.N.T. makes the process of moving tarps faster, safer, and easier. 

  • It's a patented, heavy-duty tarp dragging tool made of Cordura nylon, polyethylene foam, heavy-weight polypropylene webbing, and carbon steel carabiners by Practical Products.
  • It was created by 27-year-old Army National Guard veteran Aaron Farrer, who created the product to make fall cleanup jobs easier.
  • A.N.T. stands for "The Apparatus for Navigating Tarps." It is a padded strap assembly that clips into the grommets of a tarp and lets the operator maintain forward awareness and upward mobility while moving heavy tarps around a job site.
  • The tool itself is ergonomic, efficient, and designed for anyone to use. Simply clip the steel carabiners into the grommets of a tarp (it is recommended to use a heavy-duty tarp with reinforced eyelets), place the cushioned pad in front of your body, and walk forward.
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