Bluefin Landscaping Tools

Bluefin Landscaping Tools

March 13, 2020

Blue Fin

From the Big Scoop End Shovel Attachment to a Round End Shovel Attachment, Bluefin tools allow landscapers to swap out attachments easily with the same aluminum handle. The attachments vary in cost, but the T Handle is between $55 and $95 depending on the desired length.

  • All Bluefin tools are made of high quality materials. All handles are high grade aluminum with interchangeable heads.
  • All steel ends are 11 gauge steel with a two inch wide lip on the back for your foot. All Bluefin tools are powder coated.
  • The Big Scoop has high grade aluminum with a stainless steel cutting edge. There is a place on the back to push into the material being used.

  • The aluminum shovel has a heat treated steel insert. All steel inserts can be replaced.

For more info, visit the company's website.