Up to date, up north

Morgan K Landscapes created two cool hangout spots for their Canadian customer.

This before shot shows the house in Calgary before Morgan K Landscapes got to work.

A customer of Morgan K Landscapes in Calgary, Alberta, Canada wanted a contemporary style sitting area with a water feature to offset the road noise as this property backing the upper and lower spaces.

The upper deck being constructed out of composite offers a warm inviting space. The lower patio, with large paver slabs, is great for nighttime fires and hanging out.

One challenge was to mitigate the elevations so the sitting areas would be functional and flow seamlessly. With the custom steps made of precast block and composite cap, Owner Perry Wilderman says he feels the transition from upper to lower is functional and appealing.

The company also wanted to keep the retaining walls within city bylaws to avoid additional engineering above and beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations.

By implementing tiered walls/planters they were able to avoid one 7-foot-high-wall. Having two lower height walls helped meet city bylaws and were installed within the manufactures recommended structural loads.

Staying within a feasible budget was also a factor in making this project possible. The company tried to match the conceptual design as close as possible while keeping install very efficient. The team tried not to have any additional overages above and beyond the initial budget projection.  

All photos courtesy of Morgan K Landscapes
The client wanted the upper and lower decks to have different vibes but both be great spaces for entertaining.
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