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New products are popping up all over the place in various segments of the industry. Here’s a look at some of them.

Photo courtesy of StaCool Vest

StaCool Vest

The pitch: The StaCool Vest Core Body Cooling System is helping workers beat the heat to stay cool and productive.

  • ThermoPaks in the front and back of the vest provide hours of cooling; a spare set of ThermoPaks are included with each StaCool Vest.
  • There are models available that can be worn over or under normal clothing to suit any style, preference and application.
  • The StaCool Vest provides ultimate body core cooling; a thermal barrier is built in to ensure wearer does not get too cold.

For more info: www.stacoolvest.com

Photo courtesy of Case

CASE Minotaur DL550

The pitch: The Minotaur is the company’s first-ever compact dozer loader.

  • Weighing in at more than 18,000 pounds and working with 114 horsepower, the new machine delivers dozing and grading performance, as well as site loading capabilities and compatibility with hundreds of attachments.
  • Comes standard with Case Universal Machine Control, which makes the machine ready for any of the major three providers of machine control technology (Leica Geosystems, Topcon and Trimble), which are sold separately.
  • It’s also available with an optional, fully integrated ripper for tearing up tough terrain to simplify dozing and earthmoving operations.

For more info: www.casece.com

Photo courtesy of Kioti

KIOTI ZXS Series mowers

The pitch: KIOTI’s debut line of stand-on zero-turn riding lawn mowers.

  • With the ZXS48 and ZXS54, customers can choose from 48- or 54-inch decks.
  • Tool-less removal of the operator pad reveals ample space and easy access to all serviceable components.
  • The large 7-gallon fuel capacity helps operators avoid lost time on the jobsite due to refueling.

For more info: www.kioti.com


The pitch: The commercial-grade controllers provide retrofit and new-install options with 40 programs and connectivity for up to 48 stations.

  • The controllers can be expanded from 12 to 48 stations using 12-station modules, and both models support Simulstation capability, enabling them to run up to five stations at once for maximum efficiency in tight water windows.
  • The LXME2 and LXME2 PRO offer 40 programs and up to 10 start times per program, so users can tailor their irrigation schedules to meet the needs of any site. Both controllers have capacity for one weather station and one master valve.
  • Remote access to the LXME2 and LXME2 PRO is available via Rain Bird’s IQ4 Central Control with an NCC Network Communication Cartridge that uses a cellular connection as well as other connection methods.

For more info: www.rainbird.com

Photo courtesy of Earth & Turf

Earth & Turf Products Multispread 415 SP

The pitch: Earth & Turf Products is introducing its new stand-on top dresser.

  • It’s a 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer, 15 cubic foot machine.
  • Featuring a 48-inch wide brush dispeller, the 415 SP is the widest and largest of the self-propelled top dressers from the company.
  • The MultiSpread 415 SP will spread efficiently up to 7 MPH. The box will hold 1,500 lbs. or nearly 1 cu. yd. of heaped material.

For more info: www.earthandturf.com

Photo courtesy of Snowbot


The pitch: A fully autonomous, safe and energy-saving snow removal system.

  • Snowbot removes snow up to 12 inches deep and can throw snow up to 16.5 feet away.
  • Key features of the robot include autonomous navigation, an intelligent route plan, autonomous obstacle avoidance, remote control, mobile app control and more.
  • Additional safety features include buzzing alarms, yellow warning lights and an emergency stop button.

For more info: www.thesnowbot.com

Photo courtesy of WAC Landscape Lighting

WAC Surface Mount Indicator LED Light Fixtures

The pitch: The new light fixtures from WAC Landscape Lighting have an IP68 rating and are able to withstand continuous immersion underwater.

  • Easy to install, save installation time and avoid core drilling holes in the homeowner’s patio or driveway with the new LED Indicator Fixtures which mount right on top of the desired surface.
  • The luminaires are available in stainless steel or bronzed stainless steel finishes.
  • Various styles are offered with a 60,000-hour rated life.

For more info: www.waclandscapelighting.com

Photo courtesy of RedMax

RedMax SRTZ235 & LRTZ235 Articulating Hedge Trimmers

The pitch: These trimmers, distinguished by their short- and long-reach configurations, are the lightest trimmers for their blade size.

  • At 24 inches, the trimmers’ blade length allows lawn maintenance professionals to cut more in one pass and extend so the operator can reach hedges and shrubs without requiring a ladder or bending down.
  • Operators can select from one of the trimmers’ 10 locking positions to change the angle of the blade, which improves maneuverability around bushes, shrubs or other vegetation.
  • The 21.6 fl. oz fuel capacity of the SRTZ235 and LRTZ235 trimmers enables long running time, while the commercial-built gearbox allows users to quickly switch between cutting angles with a single pull-down motion.

For more info: www.redmax.com

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