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The pitch: Yellowstone Compact & Commodities wants to change the way you look at yard waste with the BioPac’r.

  • These yard clippings are converted via the portable pickup bed mounted “BioPac’r”, which compacts 3-4 days of clippings into one load. 
  • The clippings are then inserted directly into a bag that converts the yard waste into livestock silage that can then be sold.
  • Grass clipping silage can be used for fuel pellets, feed pellets, bio gas feed stock or soil conditioners.

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Bobcat 3-Point Tillers

The pitch: A new line of Bobcat 3-point tillers is available for use with compact tractors and Toolcat 5610 utility work machines.

  • Three new models have working widths of 43, 55 and 67 in.
  • Tiller implements are gear-driven, allowing them to break ground; prepare soil for planting; amend soil with fertilizer, manure or mulch and remove weeds between tree rows.
  • The tillers are equipped with slip-clutch protection.

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Club Car’s Carryall 242

The pitch: The Club Car Carryall 242 is the most compact, economical utility vehicle in the company’s history. 

  • Replaces the Carryall 232 and includes more leg room and increased comfort thanks to a shorter, more ergonomically designed dash and a spacious bench seat.
  • Offers speeds of 17-19 mph.
  • Its tilting bed box carries 300 pounds and the total vehicle capacity is 800 pounds.

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Curtis PathPro Cab

The pitch: Curtis Industries has unveiled its newest addition to the PathPro line of cab enclosure systems for the HPX/XUV series of utility vehicles.

  • The all new steel cab enclosure mounts directly to the vehicles factory OPS without the need for additional equipment.
  • The cab offers improved ventilation with the use of wide, dual sliding windows in both the doors and rear panel.
  • The flexible flow-through ventilation eliminates any “greenhouse” effect to driver and passenger.

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DR Power TreeChopper
The pitch: DR Power Equipment’s DR TreeChopper is a new ATV-mounted tree cutting tool designed to deal with invasive trees.

  • The TreeChopper mounts securely to the front of most ATVs and cuts trees up to 4-in. thick.
  • Requires no external power source or stopping and waiting for hydraulic jaws to open and close around the tree.
  • Includes T-100 tempered steel blade.

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Edge Rotating Log Puller Grapple

The pitch: The new EDGE Rotating Log Puller Grapple is designed to lift and handle heavy, awkward size material.

  • Operators can use this multi-purpose attachment to load, unload and transport material up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Features a unique spring-centered return grapple that rotates up to 180 degrees for grabbing material at different angles.
  • The grapple tines open to a maximum of 39 in. and folds together as tight as 3 in. in diameter for securing smaller material tightly.

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