Grant Cardone Enterprises joins new Field Services Academy

Field Services Academy is a program led by FieldEdge by Xplor and Service Autopilot by Xplor.

Xplor Technologies’ Field Services Academy is announcing that Grant Cardone Enterprises has joined its group of expert coaches. The new Field Services Academy allows members to choose from world-class coaches, like Grant Cardone, to find solutions to their biggest business bottlenecks. Field Services Academy is a business growth program by FieldEdge by Xplor and Service Autopilot by Xplor.

Grant Cardone is known internationally as an expert on sales, marketing and scaling businesses.

Star of Discovery Channel’s Undercover Billionaire, Cardone owns and operates more than seven privately held companies. Cardone Enterprises exists to equip and inspire individuals and business owners around the world to achieve 10X levels of success in their business, their relationships and their lives.

Grant Cardone has teamed up with the Field Services Academy to assist field service businesses in achieving their goals for next-level success.

“At Cardone Enterprises, we recognize the immense growth potential of service businesses - from HVAC to lawn care and beyond," says Jarrod Glandt, president of Grant Cardone Enterprises. "Together with Field Services Academy, we aim to provide members with unrivaled expertise and transformative coaching, propelling them towards domination in their respective markets."

From lawn care to HVAC to residential cleaning, plumbing, and more, Field Service Academy invites all field service professionals to join. Members have the opportunity to connect with coaches, attend events to grow their knowledge and network.

The program is $99 per month, plus members will receive a $500 credit to use toward any coach or trusted partner within the program.

Within this dynamic program, members gain exclusive access to an immersive online platform, where they discuss the latest trends and tips for field service industries, including: top hiring solutions, financing insights, effective tactics for winning referrals, next-level marketing strategies and much more.

All members get insider access to a continually updated content library, with video sessions led by industry leaders like Grant Cardone. Also, all members can attend live webinars where they can get answers to their biggest questions on pressing industry topics.

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