Greenzie announces software updates

Updates include improved turns, enhanced safety, job continuation and more.

For the 2023 mowing season, autonomous software company Greenzie will launch its 2.0 software to boost their customer’s autonomous mowing capabilities and help landscapers work more effectively, efficiently and safely.

Greenzie provides autonomous functionality on commercial lawn mowers with field-tested, self-driving software coupled with proven robotic sensor hardware to increase productivity, efficiency and safety for commercial landscaping businesses. Over 100 Greenzie-equipped mowers across the U.S. are being used by customers and as demo units at select outdoor power equipment dealers.

Greenzie is in production, on crews and in the field on the Wright Autonomous Stander ZK, the first Greenzie equipped mower based on the Wright Stander ZK. Additionally, Greenzie powered versions and upfits on commercial zero turn mowers from Bobcat, Scag and Mean Green Mowers will be available and in production by 2024.

The latest software update, sent over-the-air, and automatically installed for all subscribers March 6 include:

● Job Saving and Reloading: map an area once and mow all season with the press of a button on an easy-to-use interface with no app download required.
● Job Continuation: Mower or job interrupted? Pick up where you left off easily.
● Advanced Perception Updates: a Machine Learning model with traffic cone detection in addition to our existing redundant, ever improving rugged obstacle detection sensor stack.
● Improved Turns: using a Model Predictive Controller – a state-of-the-art robotic guidance system that accounts for wet grass, dusty conditions and won’t rut the lawn.
● Enhanced Safety: GPS jump detection, compensation and advanced sensor health checks.
● Improved Dynamic Local Planner: for more efficient Y-turns and vehicle behaviors when the mower encounters unexpected obstacles.
This update is not the only improvement coming in 2023. Updates later in the 2023 season will add:
● Dynamic handling of slopes in real-time: it already does fine on slight slopes, but will replan and retry just like a skilled operator might tackle the job on bigger slopes.
● Enhanced Job reloading features: tweak your starting point, change the stripe angle, modify the default speed, all from your phone without an app download.
● Multi-mower coordination: Have a really big field? Send out two or more Greenzie-equipped mowers and they’ll seamlessly break up the big jobs and tackle it as a team.
● Record and repeat: Have a really tough field? Show the Greenzie-equipped mower exactly how you want it done, and it will cut the same time, every time.
● Live mowing progress: Real-time coverage stats, and plans, directly on the field when and where you need it to see how the job gets done.
 “Our team of roboticists, software engineers and landscaping professionals have been working hard on continuous improvements. This update is simply a line in the sand to celebrate the features that our customers have asked for, helped us refine, and developed together to make their crews more productive,” says Charles Brian Quinn, Greenzie CEO and co-founder. “All mowers across the nation get these updates and every day our technology gets better and better. I’m especially proud of the job reloading, it’s a feature that everyone asks for, and our team developed based on exactly what our best customers told us to build, in the field with them together, not off in a lab.”
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